Thursday, 8 March 2012

soap and glory - clean on me

soap and glory's 'clean on me' was a birthday gift and one i was happy to receive! i've used it before but for some reason i never repurchased. now, it takes pride of place in my shower and i'm thankful for it coming in such a substantially sized bottle!

it smells just like the other soap and glory products i've reviewed (hand food and the righteous butter) which is a heady combination of flowers, sweets and vanilla, and it produces a really foamy lather, especially when you use a shower puff (mine is soap and glory, naturally...

clean on me does leave your skin feeling soft, and despite the strong-ish scent, i'd say it was quite a gentle shower gel that shouldn't irritate sensitive skin (but don't hold me to that!) i would consider this a definite investment product when i run out, despite the price tag being a bit more than i would usually be willing to pay for shower gel. all in all, another great outcome from the soap and glory team. find clean on me at boots for £5.50.


  1. I absolutely love it! Like you say, perhaps a little more than a standard shower gel but the bottle is huge and a little does go a long way! :)x

  2. definitely worth the purchase, and i can't get over how much i love the smell! x


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