Friday, 9 March 2012

vaseline lip therapy - cocoa butter

i actually haven't bought a pot of vaseline lip therapy in a long, long time but today i thought i'd try out the cocoa butter version. i've always thought that, generally, you can't go wrong with vaseline. it's cheap, multi-purpose and always does its job well! 

the cocoa butter is a nice addition to the usual formula but isn't too strong for those of you who aren't really a fan of the distinct smell (personally, i'm part of the 'love it' crew. only recently did i find out there was a 'hate it' crew too?!)

i also have to say that, although generally more convenient, i find the tiny pots that lip balms can come in nowadays really frustrating. i tend to get the majority of the lip balm under my nail which is not only a waste but also unhygienic. kudos to vaseline for sticking with their original packaging, i say!

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