Monday, 19 March 2012

matte nails

here's a little look at my latest manicure... it's a sort of coral red colour from O.P.I ('big hair...big nails' for anyone wondering) with an h&m matte top coat over the top. it's quite a weird effect and not one i've seen in person before but i actually do like it. 

i wasn't sure how exactly it worked but it turns out it paints on like a normal top coat and then turns matte as it dries. if i had known thid i would've been a bit a bit more careful because around the base of the nail the uncovered nail varnish is still a bit shiny. nothing you can see unless you're really close up though, i'm just being a perfectionist!

i think the best thing about the matte top coat is that it's transferrable to other colours. also, as my first experience of h&m cosmetics i'm quite impressed! i think next time i may use it over a darker colour like navy so the effect is a bit more prominent, or even over some kind of nail art design. you can find a matte top coat at h&m for £1.99.

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