Thursday, 1 March 2012

so here it is...

a while ago, i requested via facebook a sample of the 'big skincare mystery'. for those of you that don't know, this was a pretty massive marketing campaign backed by glamour magazine that encouraged you to try a cleanser/mask without knowing the brand that made it. i think this is a really, really good idea because, although i pretend that i'm generally not bothered by brands, this has confirmed that i definitely am.

so, for the review... the cleanser was a thinnish cream with a slight green tinge to it, but created a nice enough lather and washed off the majority of my make up. i thought it smelt a bit like cucumbers and avocados, both of which are good ingredients for skin (if they're actually in there!)

the packaging also stated that the cleanser could be used as a mask. i tried this for a few minutes (as directed) which made my cheeks feel a bit tight but made my t-zone feel quite clean and refreshed. after this i did wake up with slightly greasy skin on my nose but i like the idea of being able to use a cleanser as a face mask aswell. generally i don't use face masks out of laziness, but given the option to just put on some cleanser for a bit longer than usual i'd probably be more inclined to give it a go.

so who actually made this product, i hear you ask. well... it's made by CLEARASIL?! we have all been trialling their daily clear vitamins and extracts wash and mask which you can find at superdrug for an introductory price of £3.49 (usually £4.99). i'm quite shocked. i would never have used clearasil products before this trial because i always thought they would be too harsh but as my review shows, it just really isn't that bad! 

and the lesson we've all learnt?! sometimes you should reserve your judgments before giving something a go...

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