Thursday, 15 March 2012

miss sporty - clubbing colours: orange crush and taxi

i have to admit, this isn't the first time i've used the bright yellow 'taxi' by miss sporty. i painted my nails the other day but really wasn't a massive fan. the outcome was messy and streaky - all in all a bad nail day! i wanted to give it another go though so decided to do some quick and easy nail art on top of 'orange crush' that i painted my nails with yesterday, and here's the finished product!

overall i'm pleased with the result. it's a lot brighter than the pictures look (i blame the bad lighting!) and i think the colours work well together to create quite a dramatic nail art look. i used masking tape to cover the base colour because i think it's less sticky than other sorts of tapes so is less likely to pull off the base coat. i had to use two coats of the yellow to get full coverage though which made it quite thick and so the result wasn't as clean as i would have liked when i pulled off the masking tape. still, i'd try it again for a relatively easy but different look, maybe next time with pastel colours... any suggestions?

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