Saturday, 3 March 2012

models own - pinky brown beetlejuice

although the models own beetlejuice collection came out a while ago, i am still madly in love with it. i got three out of the five colours in a set for christmas, and although i think it regularly changes, at the moment my favourite shade is 'pinky brown'.

i'm actually quite surprised at how well my camera managed to capture the multi-tonal effect as i was worried i wouldn't be able to show it in its full glory! pinky brown changes from purply to pinky to browny to bronzy depending on the light and which angle you're looking at it from. pretty advanced for a nail varnish i think! 

pinky brown also looks like it's made up of tiny flecks of glitter which adds to the shimmery effect, but only needs two coats and is much easier to remove than standard glitter polishes. all in all a much loved gift and one i'll continue to use throughout the summer months. you can find a set of all five beetlejuice polishes and a base/top coat for only £20 on the models own website.

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