Sunday, 18 March 2012

galaxy nails

another night in, another attempt at some nail art! this time i used my willing friend to try out some galaxy nails...

i didn't have any particular plan with colours, i just picked out the most shimmery i could find and hoped that they worked well together! firstly, i painted two coats of models own 'emerald black' from the beetlejuice collection as a base. then i used the corner of a clean washing up sponge and sponged on some 'golden green', also from the models own beetlejuice collection.

i then sponged on a layer of 'pinky brown' (models own beetlejuice again!) in a different area of the nail. i wasn't too worried about getting it on the surrounding skin or whereabouts i sponged it on as it's meant to have a lot of depth and doesn't require any clean lines.

finally, i sponged on a thin layer of NYC 'long time lavender' as another back drop to the stars. i then used a small nail dotting tool to paint a few white stars on each nail with e.l.f cosmetics 'white'. you could do this with a kirby grip or toothpick if you don't have any nail dotting tools.

to finish it off, i painted over a layer of NYC 'lights-camera-glitter' to add to the starry effect and removed the excess nail varnish from around the nails with a nail varnish remover soaked cotton bud.

and here's the finished result! i'm really pleased with it as it came out a lot better than expected and was surprisingly quick and easy to do, even though it looks quite complex. let me know if you have a go... next time i plan to do them on my nails too!

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