Friday, 30 March 2012

MUA lipstick - shade 12

i bought this MUA lipstick as another addition to my slow-growing lipstick collection. as i've mentioned before, i'm not really a lipstick fan but i am trying to branch out! and what better way to do it than with a cute pink lipstick that only cost £1?!

the formula is quite creamy and doesn't feel that different from wearing a lip balm. it was easy to apply but only lasted about an hour and a half before i had to reapply. this is mainly because the colour is so bright (brighter than expected!) and so it didn't take long to dull a bit. for a daytime look though, i actually preferred it after a bit of wear, although constantly having to reapply may be frustrating when out and about. alternatively, i think it would be a good colour to dress up an evening outfit, and the packinging is quite sleek and plain so would fit and look nice in any tiny handbag!

my only problem with shade 12 (other than the boring name!) is the little flecks of glitter throughout the lipstick. initially, i think it looks quite nice and girly, but after a bit of wear glitter lipsticks tend to leave no colour and lots of excess glitter which isn't a great look in my eyes! i still think the purchase was worth it though and i hope to wear shade 12 out soon!

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