Tuesday, 20 March 2012

collection 2000 - shimmering glow

i picked up this bronzer in an 'i'm-getting-excited-about-summer' moment in superdrug. i'm always a bit cautious with bronzer because i have pale skin and anything too dark makes me look ultra orange so i chose the lighter shade 'sunkissed'.

i have to admit, i wish i'd taken the risk and got myself one of their 'mosaic glowbronzers. sunkissed is a nice shade but it's too light even for me which is saying something! i also tend to only wear bronzer as a blusher replacement as opposed to all over the face so this may be another reason why it's too light. plus, it probably isn't that buildable as eventually i think it would end up more orange than bronze.

it was only cheap though (i think £1.99, can't seem to find it online!) and it definitely warms up my skin tone on colder days. not a completely wasted purchase, just one i wish had a slightly different outcome!

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