Saturday, 24 March 2012

lush - free face mask!

courtesy of clipper green tea, i spent thursday evening making my own lush face mask and thought i'd share the experience with you all before the offer expires!

first, go buy yourself a box of green tea with a pink tag on the front. then log onto the lush website (pretty quickly! the offer expires on 28/4/12) and book yourself onto a face mask workshop at your local store. me and a few friends went as a little group outing so make sure there are enough spaces for you all if you decide to go as a group.

when we got there, the staff were really friendly and welcoming and explained what we were going to be doing for the next couple of hours. we then all sat round a table with a big bowl in the middle and one of the girls started making the blueberry face mask. i thought we were all going to be making them separately but actually she made a big joint one whilst we watched. they did encourage us to join in at one point though so we all had a go at mushing up fresh blueberries and adding almond oil, calamine powder, talc, and a 'secret blend of essential oils'.

we were then all treated to a mini facial which was tailored to our personal needs. the girls asked us if we had any particular skin problems and if there was anything we wanted to achieve from our skin. they then showed us the products they were going to use on our skin before giving us each the facial and a lovely face massage. the face mask was then applied to our skin and left for 5-10 minutes and then washed off.

some of the girls found that later in the day the products did work out a bit too heavy for their skin, but generally i was quite pleased with my results as my skin felt smooth and looked brighter. i especially liked the feel of their creamy cleanser 'ultrabland', but ending up picking up a couple of other bits that i've wanted for a while instead and will review for you soon!

we were all sent off two hours later with a good sized tub of face mask to take home and carry on using. i'll let you know how it's worked out once i've used it a few times. overall, a nice evening out that was a bit different! thanks to my friend at thisheartofgold for spotting the deal :) you can read more about 'catastrophe cosmetic', the blueberry face mask we made, here.


  1. that's such a good offer! more than just getting a free face mask :) may have to get one myself!

  2. it really is! i hope you managed to get one in time :) x


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