Wednesday, 14 March 2012

miss sporty - clubbing colours: orange crush

apologies for these pictures... all of them look like i've photographed a different nail varnish!
i picked up this miss sporty 'clubbing colour' the other day in superdrug because they had an offer on for two for £3. the range of colours are really bright and some are different colours to what i would usually wear (look out for my yellow nail varnish review coming soon!) i do think the idea of 'clubbing colours' is a bit 90's but i'm willing to look past that!

orange crush is a neon pink with a touch of orange. it looks a lot pinker than the photos show so it's worth having a look in store if you want to try it out. it applies quite streaky, even after two coats, but the colour is really bright and it dried pretty quickly. i think it looks good on shorter nails but the fact that it's a bit streaky means that it probably won't be great for any detailed nail art which is a shame.

all in all, a nice colour for the summer and worth the £1.50, but definitely not the best quality nail varnish overall!


  1. I've got this nail varnish but I don't tend to wear it much as I have a few similar colours that are better quality. The range has a whole does actually have some really fun colours :)x

  2. yeah there are lots of similar ones around nowadays.. worth a try though, i love a bargain! x


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