Friday, 2 March 2012

l'oreal sublime bronze

i'm slowly emerging from my winter slump of unshaven legs and paler-than-pale skin so i thought it was about time i shared my favourite ever fake tan. i can't say i've tried many but i can honestly say there has been no need!

i discovered l'oreal's sublime bronze at a friend's party after i told the group that i was too scared to try fake tan in case i turned into an oompa lumpa (i'm quite short so adding orange skin to the mix is unlikely to be a great look...) one of the girls there who looked like she'd just been on holiday for two weeks told me that actually, she had the same skin tone as me (english rose/casper the ghost) and that her tan was down to sublime bronze. soon enough i had a go and haven't looked back since!

sublime bronze looks scarily dark when it comes out the tube but once it's spread out is a lot lighter. i use a tanning mitt - the cheapest i've found has been from primark - and make sure i rub it in until it's almost dry. it has a slight shimmer to it which may not appeal to all but i quite like it if i'm going out and if not, i make sure to tan in the evening. that way, the shimmer washes off after showering but leaves behind a golden glow.

i can't recommend sublime bronze enough for fake tan first timers as the finished product is well worth the usual fake tan risks! a little pricey aswell but a little goes a long way... find sublime bronze in boots for £13.47.

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