Sunday, 4 March 2012

soap and glory - marvelips

 this is my first move into the world of soap and glory make up. it's a double sided lip pencil that claims to 'make your lips look fuller in an instant'. the colour is a lot pinker than it originally looks which i quite liked because i was worried it would be a bit too brown for me. it's a smooth texture and is pretty easy to apply.

here's a picture of just the colour side of the pencil on my lips...

...and here's a picture of both the colour and the 'starsparks' end applied in the middle section of both the top and bottom lip. 

overall, i like the product and although it's not something i'd usually wear i'm going to do my best to incorporate it into my make up routine more often. it lasted for about two hours but that did include eating lunch so would probably last longer at any other time! it's a nice starter soap and glory make up product and hopefully the first of more to comeprovided you use the starsparks end aswell i do think it lives up to it's claim of making your lips fuller too. you can find 'marvelips' in boots for £8.

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