Thursday, 22 March 2012

floral manicure

here's my attempt at floral nails, perfect for the spring days we've been having recently! i used a light pink as a base and then used a nail dotting tool to paint little yellow dots over the nail as the centre of the flower.

i then used a coral nail varnish to paint little half moons around the yellow dot to symbolise petals.  i did the same on the other half of the yellow dot with a lilac colour and finally did a tiny fleck of mint green to symbolise the stalk. as an added touch i placed a little diamond nail jewel on two accent nails just to make it extra summery. a cute little manicure which doesn't require much precision, just patience! next time i'd like to try it with a light blue base so it's slightly less girly and a bit more cath kidston-esque.

.....and as a little guest post, the friend who lent me her (99p store!) nail jewellery kit decided to let rip on my nails and go the whole hog by COVERING them in sequins! they only lasted one and a half days - unfortunately they weren't that practical! - and i looked like my hands belonged to a six year old, but i know she'll be pleased to know that (after much pleading) i have put them on my blog for the world to see! enjoy!

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