Saturday, 17 March 2012

l'oreal - gentle eye make-up remover

i picked up the l'oreal gentle eye make-up remover the other day on my weekly shop. i have to admit, i haven't actually used a specific eye make-up remover in a long time (shock!) and have just been using cleanser which isn't great at removing mascara and liquid eyeliner. finally, the time has come to get back into taking care of my eyes and a gentle formula is definitely the way forward.

l'oreal gentle eye make-up remover is a clear, watery liquid and i haven't found it at all greasy. initially it did sting my eyes a bit but i'm going to put this down to being too rough and rushed which resulted in managing to get some of it directly in my eye... my fault! now i've slowed down a bit, it manages to get my eye make-up off pretty quickly and i can see it lasting a long time.

unfortunately, i haven't tested it on waterproof mascara but as it's currently £1.48 at sainsbury's, it's definitely worth giving it a go!

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