Monday, 20 February 2012

soap and glory - the righteous butter


 please excuse the pre-used picture of soap and glory's 'the righteous butter' but as soon as i smelt this i couldn't resist! for those of you who haven't already tried soap and glory... where have you been?!

this body butter claims that it is 'so virtuous, you might swear you're wearing velvet' and it's not wrong. i didn't apply it after the shower as directed, but it still worked well making my skin feel really soft and non-greasy. a massive bonus, especially because i slathered myself in it about two minutes before i heard my pyjamas calling my name!

the smell is quite hard to describe to those of you that haven't already tried soap and glory's products but it's got a yummy floral-but-not-too-floral scent, with maybe a hint of vanilla... and shea butter... and sweeties. amazing!

it comes in a big tub too, and i'm a massive fan of the cute retro packaging. you can find soap and glory's 'the righteous butter' in boots for £10.21 (full 300ml size) or try the travel sized version (50ml) for only £2.35.

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