Tuesday, 28 February 2012

NYC manicure - cute, pink and sparkly!

I picked up these two nail varnishes this weekend because they were cute, cheap and sparkly... probably my three favourite things in life! i've never used NYC nail varnishes before but so far i'm quite impressed.

like it's name, 'long time lavender' is actually more lavender than it has come up in the pictures and less pink. it has a frosty finish so looks really girly and soft. i felt it wasn't a particularly exciting look though, and as nails are the easiest place to experiment i decided to paint 'lights-camera-glitter' over the top. 

'lights-camera-glitter' has little silver sparkles in as well as bigger lilac and blue glitter pieces so i thought it went well with 'long time lavender'. i think the outcome is really pretty and it reminds me of how i used to paint my nails when i was younger for birthday discos :) 

i'm not sure about the 50% stronger nails claim, and i'd be hugely surprised if this manicure lasted 7 days, but following this experimental purchase i would definitely buy NYC nail varnish again. for only £2.49 you can't really go wrong!


  1. These look great! Very 90s disco...

  2. thanks! nothing wrong with a 90s disco! :) xx


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