Monday, 20 February 2012

models own - grow-fast mascara

i recently branched out from my usual maybelline mascara comfort zone and started using models own 'grow-fast mascara'. it is 'designed to strengthen and increase the length of your lashes' and contains procapil and panthenol.

it took a bit of research (wikipedia and a balding blog, i kid you not...) to find out exactly what procapil and panthenol are. apparently, procapil is a plant complex that 'repairs, nourishes and prolongs the hair cycles of the telogen phase of hair growth', and panthenol is a 'provitamin of B5, emollient and moisturiser'. this all sounds promising but i am wary of certain statements made by cosmetic companies so will have to wait and see if the claim to strengthen and increase the length of my lashes does actually prove true. unfortunately, my cynical side says no.

packaging wise, i'm not a massive lover of green but it has come in handy for actually finding the product in an overflowing make up bag, a problem i never really thought would be solved!

the mascara wand itself is something i'm not used to aswell. usually i go for wands with big and thick bristles, but this wand is long and thin, and the bristles are quite rubbery. models own state they are 'diamond moulded'. i'd challenge anyone to find out what this actually means...

regardless of my high hopes for this mascara, i wouldn't say i've been disappointed. it provides good coverage and i've found the brush a lot easier to control than i thought i would. i have found that if i put on too many coats then my lashes have a tendancy to clump, but that's probably a result of my over-enthusiastic approach towards getting longer lashes. is this mascara too good to be true or worth pursuing? watch this space.


  1. You're lashes look really good! The wand looks abit scary but if it works then that's a good thing. How much was the mascara?

  2. thank you! it's definitely worth getting used to i think! it was £6 and i got it from boots but you can also buy online and you save £2 if you buy an eyeliner aswell at the moment :) xx


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