Tuesday, 28 February 2012

beauty uk lipstick - chelsea

 uh oh... there aren't many words for this lipstick. maybe it was my fault. i'm not really a lipstick girl although i am trying to branch out. i'm also quite pale and unfortunately this was the only lipstick without a tester. my lips also aren't in great condition at the moment which obviously shows a lot more with lipstick than it does with lip balms and glosses.

despite all this i still bought the lipstick and am regretting it now! the colour is really, really pale - a lot paler than it looks which just doesn't work (hence not putting a picture of myself wearing the lipstick up!) and the texture of the lipstick is quite dry and chalky. all in all a wasted purchase, and one that has set me back a notch or two on the lipstick-buying front which is a shame! better luck next time eh?!


  1. Try putting balm on your lips before the lipstick and a slightly darker nude gloss over the top? Combined with smokey eyes I'm sure you'd look lovely and not too pale at all!

  2. good idea! i'll have a go and see how it works out :) x


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