Wednesday, 16 May 2012

pink hot oil hair treatment

i tried this hot oil treatment in an attempt to continue my treat-my-hair-right phase. i can't say it's been going too well and i'm in desperate need of a haircut but every little counts i suppose!

this hot oil treatment is meant to be applied to damp hair. the oil then warms up and after about 10 minutes should be washed out. i decided to boost the intensity by applying directly to dry hair because as far as i'm aware this generally gives a deeper treatment as there is no water blocking the hair shaft.

unfortunately i think i got the wrong idea with this treatment and actually the warming that takes place when the oil comes into contact with water is what does your hair good. instead this treatment didn't seem to do much for the overall look of my hair so i was quite disappointed, particularly after using a palmer's coconut oil treatment that made a visible difference. boo! :(

i do plan on trying another hot oil treatment soon but this time on damp hair as i'd like to see if the lack of results had something to do with me not following instructions or if it just didn't work with my hair. can anyone recommend any conditioning treatments for me to try?

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