Thursday, 3 May 2012

kleenex shine absorbing sheets

i got this sample pack of kleenex's new shine absorbing sheets free with a magazine so originally i wasn't going to review them. however, coming up to summer (i hope!) i thought it was worth letting you all know that these are actually quite good.

a shine absorbing sheet is designed to soak up excess oil that builds up throughout the day without affecting your make up. this is always a good thing for me as my t-zone does tend to get a bit shiny later in the day but washing my face is never convenient and always seems like a waste of make up!

these sheets are purple, thin and soft and are powder free so don't cause any unnecessary build up. you use the softer side of the sheet to dab away any excess oil on your face. i tried it and thought i'd save you all a before and after picture... i'll just say that on a day i didn't think i was looking too shiny, they definitely worked!

these definitely aren't something i would originally have tried without a sample but now i'm glad i did. they're on offer in superdrug at the moment too - 50 sheets for £1.99. fingers crossed the sun will come out again soon giving you all the more reason to give them a go!

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