Monday, 21 May 2012

e.l.f cosmetics - pink passion blush

i was feeling a bit sorry for myself last week and decided that a cheeky e.l.f cosmetics haul would cheer me up. luckily, i know myself well and i was right! this saturday (the day after i received a text telling me that my package would arrive in 3-5 working days) a box turned up holding my seven chosen items that came to a grand total of £19.45 including delivery. yay!

i plan on reviewing all of the products as and when i use them as although they're cheap, sometimes it takes an unbiased description and review to decide whether you actually want to stray away from trusted brands and try something new and i really want you all to try e.l.f!

this blusher is from the 'studio' collection which is a little more expensive (£3.50 as opposed to £1.50...) but for that the packaging is a lot nicer and more sturdy and i assume the product is of higher quality (although i can't say for sure as this is my first e.l.f studio purchase.)

i'm not sure why i chose this particular colour as i'm quite pale and 'pink passion' is a really bright pink but i wanted to try something new and i'm glad i did. i applied with caution slowly building up the colour and ended up with a fresh, flushed look perfect for summer. the formula is easy to blend too and it's stuck around all day. 'candid coral' is now on my wish list and considering that it's only £3.50 there won't be a problem if i don't like it. :)


  1. Don't buy Candid Coral! It sure looks nice on the website but it just doesn't show up on skin (and I have quite pale skin). The color payoff of that is inexistent, you have to pick so much product and literally rub that on your cheeks if you want the colour to show up – and still it looks cakey, chalky.
    Usually ELF studio blushes are nice but that shade just didn't work at all!


  2. thanks for the advice isabela! such a shame because it looks really pretty :( can you recommend any other reasonably priced coral blushes that don't make us pale girls look like clowns?! x


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