Wednesday, 2 May 2012

kiss me lip plumping gloss

i got this the other day at new look for £2 because i quite liked the cute and simple packaging and i haven't tried a lip plumping product in a while. 

unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment. it says on the front 'tint and shine' so i was thinking a light pink gloss. turns out it's completely see through (hence including the picture... i didn't want anyone to think i was lying or just a bit stupid!)

it is shiny but that's about it. it's not plumping at all. not even a little bit, which isn't great for a gloss that says 'lip plumping' on the front. i'll probably still use it once in a while but not for its plumping qualities, just for a bit of extra gloss!


  1. What a shame. I was just about to bye this. Thanks for heads up!


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