Wednesday, 16 May 2012

how to: take off glitter nail varnish

i've seen this done on a few blogs i read so unfortunately i can't take the credit for this, but i thought i'd share it with you all anyway because it really made my life that little bit easier! glitter nail varnish, as great as it looks, can be a real nightmare to take off so here's how to avoid feeling frustrated and wasting half a pack of cotton pads.

you need: some nail varnish remover, some cotton pads cut into quarters and some squares of tin foil. 

firstly, soak the cotton pad quarters in nail varnish remover. i found it was easiest to do this by filling the lid with remover and then dunking the cotton pads into that.

then, place the cotton pad onto your nail and place the tin foil on top of it, wrapping the tin foil around your finger. as you can see from the picture of my hand, i wasn't actually very good at this (really simple) step. once i'd got onto my second hand i realised that it helped if you twisted the foil at the tip of your finger to keep it in place. by then it was a bit late but it still did the job all the same!

after 5 minutes or so it's time to remove the tin foil finger hats. give the nail a bit of a rub with the cotton pad as you do so and hopefully the glitter will have soaked right off. yay!

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