Thursday, 10 May 2012

instyle freebie: nails inc - bluebell


i've seen this instyle magazine freebie on a couple of other people's blogs but decided against getting it even though i loved the look of the colour due to a lack of funds! well, it turns out that there's nothing like a cancelled train and an insanely busy station to make you go back on your word and i'm so glad i did!

this is a sort of dusty light blue with a hint of grey and a hint of lilac - such an unusual shade! it's called bluebell which describes it pretty well i think. it took two coats to get a good coverage and i used a top coat to make it shiny but it dried pretty quickly and lasted for two days before chipping as i was doing the washing up (note to self: buy washing up gloves!)

this is actually my first nails inc nail varnish and hopefully i'll be investing in a few more soon but for now i'm enjoying this exclusive instyle colour! i've heard about a few more magazine freebies coming up soon too. i think they're such a great way to try different brands and products so i'll let you know when i get them too :)


  1. I love the colour of this! I need to remember to pick In Style up just for this x

  2. me too! the nail varnish is the best bit i think ;) x

  3. Gorgeous colour..thinking I may have to hunt this one down. Great blog doll, you got your self a new follower here xx

  4. it's definitely worth it just because it's so unusual. aww thank you, i appreciate it! xx


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