Tuesday, 22 May 2012

nude feather manicure

left - 'golden goddess', right - 'nude'

so i finally got round to getting these nail varnishes that i mentioned here and have wanted for aaages!! i've been meaning to get another nude colour to try out before i made an e.l.f order but somehow forgot everytime i went near a nail varnish stand so i'm glad i finally purchased this. 

nude is a lovely natural colour which means that it shows up any scuffs or bits of dirt that manage to worm their way onto your nails when being careless after painting them. so naturally, as soon as i'd finished my final coat i decided to cook dinner. cue said scuffs and dirt.

rather than starting again i decided to take inspiration from a blog i've seen recently and attempt some feather nail art over the top. i can't remember where i saw it but she made it look pretty easy! 

i put a blob of black nail varnish on some paper and used the thinnest nail dotting tool i have to draw the centre line across the nail. i wasn't too at all worried about direction or placement. then, working from the base i did a series of outwards 'flicks' which gradually got smaller as i reached the top. i then painted a thin layer of golden goddess over the top to complete the look.

they're not very neat but i hope you get the gist! ideally, i think this would work better if you used a brush to do the feathers as the dotting tool doesn't make very delicate lines (at least with my heavy hands!) i'm hoping to try this again soon though with different colours and possibly more feathers after a bit of practice! what do you all think? :)

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