Monday, 21 May 2012

chevron manicure

i fancied doing some nail art last week but have been really busy recently so wanted to try something that didn't involve fiddly tape and hours of drying time. cue the chevron manicure! i decided to make mine like a different take on a french manicure by just painting the tips which made it easy to do free hand so only took a few extra minutes once i had painted the base.

i used a white as the base which i like, especially with a tan. i then used my trusty model's own nail varnish in blueboo to paint the tips. i found it quite easy to do as all it is is two separate lines taken from a third of the way down the nail and then joined in the middle of the tip of the nail. i then finished with a top coat and a bit of nail dry spray and i was done!    


  1. Love this! Models Own Blooboo is one of my favourite polishes at the moment x

  2. So cute! I shall recreate it eventually. :)


  3. florence - me too! i love all the models own pastel colours... i want to try fuzzy peach next! x

    isabela - thank you :) definitely have a go next time you paint your nails. it only takes 5 minutes! x

  4. O.M.G!That was really great!If only I could do that!I don't think that I would make it!:(
    pfff..Oh and great blog btw...:)Just started following you!

    Do you mind checking mine?

  5. it's really not that hard to do - try it! and thank you very much! :) x


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