Monday, 7 May 2012

oh i wish it could be christmas everyday...

so this is the nail varnish i bought the other day on my beauty supply store haul. i decided to use them both at the same time to make it look even more glittery as they're practically the same colour so i painted a base of 'atomic' and then layered over the glittery 'treasure island'.

i really like this, it looks so glittery and who can say no to glitter?! the quality is the same as the other L.A colors nail varnish i reviewed here (for those of you that haven't read it already, not great quality but can you complain for the 99p price tag..?) it chipped after 2 days but i didn't use a top coat either so that's probably my fault!

my only problem is that i think it looks like a christmas manicure! i do love christmas so this isn't an awful thing... it's just not very seasonal. hopefully i'll pick up some of the red glitter colour they had before christmas too (likely story) and so i can get creative!


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