Tuesday, 3 April 2012

sleek - kohl eyeliner pencil: 'sapphire'

sleek isn't a brand i've tried before and i'm not sure if i'm yet to be convinced. a lot of fellow bloggers seem to rave about some of their products but this eyeliner pencil in sapphire isn't quite what i expected. 

application was quite smooth and didn't drag much which is always a bonus with a cheap eyeliner but overall i'm disappointed with the colour. i expected it to be a lot more navy as the pencil itself appears to be, and less blue. although i've been told otherwise, i felt a bit like pat butcher wearing this out (sorry pat!)

unprimed, it lasted for about four hours on the rim of the eye and not much more than one on the waterline but i suppose this can be forgiven for the £2.59 price tag. really, it's not so bad and i think i feel overly negative about it because the colour wasn't what i had expected. i promise not to let it put me off sleek though and hope to give another one of their products a go soon!

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