Thursday, 5 April 2012

lush - sweet lips lip scrub

as promised here, i thought i'd finally review one of the products i picked up at lush recently. this is their sweet lips lip scrub and seemed like a good investment as i suffer from dry lips quite regularly! i'm constantly on the look out for soothing lip balms and treatments but never really thought about purchasing a specific lip exfoliator. silly, silly me!

this is such a nice product to use. it smells like chocolate (always a plus in my book!) and leaves your lips feeling really smooth. admittedly, it's definitely something that needs to be done at home as it's quite messy so wouldn't be appropriate to take out and about but if you leave it in your bathroom then its easy to use in the shower or before brushing your teeth.

the only problem is is the same i feel you get with every exfoliating product, once you start using it you can't stop! but lush more than make up for this problem by making sure all the ingredients used are natural (mainly brown sugar) so after scrubbing you can just lick it off. mmm... :) for once, i'm almost looking forward to winter! find out more about lush lip scrubs here.

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