Saturday, 21 April 2012

hollywood beauty - argan conditioner

i've heard a lot of great things about moroccan oil, and a lot of great things about argan oil. generally i try to avoid any sort of product on my hair apart from hairspray as it makes it go greasy really quickly so i decided to buy into the craze through a conditioner.

i bought mine here for £1.99 which i now realise was a real bargain... the next cheapest place i can find is on ebay for £6.99! this argan oil conditioner smells like berries and is quite thick in consistency. it makes my hair a bit easier to comb through after washing and despite the oil, doesn't make my hair greasy which was a potential problem. 

i've only used it a few times so can't comment on whether or not it has improved the overall condition of my hair (and it's also in desperate need of a cut so i can't imagine any product could save it right now!) but considering it's cheaper than most high street conditioners, smells good and is enriched with argan oil, it's likely i'll be purchasing this again!

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