Friday, 20 April 2012

models own grow fast mascara - update!


 exactly two months ago i posted about models own grow fast mascara. although i said i liked the mascara, i wasn't really sure if the claims that it would 'strengthen and increase the length of my lashes' would be true. i even researched the ingredients and found out what procapil and panthenol are designed to do, yet still didn't believe that it would work.

oh how wrong i was. it took two compliments from different people and questions asking about whether i was using a new mascara or wearing false eyelashes to make me take a photo and actually compare my old lashes with my new lashes.

...and LOOK! yes they're different eyes but i can't imagine they would've been that different beforehand. i'm just so impressed with the massive difference in length and that's coming from a cynic. they're looking thicker without mascara aswell but unfortunately i don't have a before shot (because i didn't think it would work... silly me!) for £6 i think this mascara is really worth a shot. yes it took two months to notice the difference but considering i wasn't expecting anything at all it was definitely a nice surprise :)

1 comment:

  1. it is amazing isn't it? gutted they've discontinued it :( x


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