Thursday, 12 April 2012

revlon lip butter - strawberry shortcake

left - strawberry shortcake; right - berry smoothie

i've been waiting for ages to get my hands on some of the highly anticipated colorburst lip butters by revlon and finally managed to get hold of a couple this week! those of you that regularly read blink.pout.glow will know that slowly but surely i'm persuading myself to jump on the bright lips bandwagon. it's taking longer than anticipated though and revlon's lip butters seemed a perfect way to get involved.
as far as i've read, these are a mix between a balm and a lipstick and, according to revlon they have a 'hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula that boosts lip moisture by 156%'. this all sounds promising. it should also be noted that originally 20 colours were released in the U.S.A but only 14 made their way over to the U.K... boo!
firstly, i think i'm the only person that seems to think the packaging is actually a bit - dare i say it - tacky. not overly so, i'm just not a massive fan of the quilted effect although i do think it looks better in person than on any pictures i've seen (including my own!) i am a fan of the colour coordinated lid and the see-through top though, which makes it easier to find the right colour.
applying the lip butter is really easy and the formula is soft like a lip balm. the colours are sheer enough to use on the go aswell without worrying about messy application, although this probably wouldn't apply to more pigmented shades like lollipop. i wouldn't say it had the same moisturising effect as a lip balm but i would consider it less drying than any other lipstick i've tried.

strawberry shortcake is a cute, light pink colour that isn't too sheer or too opaque. this makes it really easy to wear without looking too sickly sweet or childish and most importantly, isn't shimmery or glittery as most colours like this are. hallelujah! i'm considering purchasing a few more lip butters in the current 3 for 2 offer at boots. it'd be rude not to! revlon lip butters retail at £7.99.

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