Monday, 30 April 2012

palmer's coconut oil formula conditioning treatment

 i bought this as an incentive to do a much needed conditioning treatment on my hair. i've been colouring it for years now and it's really long so although i'd consider it to be quite strong hair, it's also really dry.

i love palmer's products and everything i've tried of theirs (cocoa butter products and olive butter concentrated cream which i reviewed here) has genuinely worked. this 'deep conditioning protein pack' was no exception either. 

it smells strongly of coconut so isn't ideal if you don't like coconuts but i'm a fan so enjoyed it! it's quite a full pack but i still managed to use it all up. i applied it to dry hair from the roots to the ends and then clipped it up for the rest of the day. when i washed it out my hair felt a lot softer and was much easier to comb through. after blowdrying i thought it looked noticeably healthier and a lot less frizzy and it still smelt faintly of coconuts too. yum!

i'd definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a deep conditioning treatment and i plan on getting myself a few more ready for my next lazy sunday! it's cheap too which is always a bonus. you can get it here for £1.49 per sachet.

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