Friday, 13 April 2012

lush - lip service lip balm

after spending the evening at lush making a facemask, i made a couple of purchases that i promised i'd review. one was the sweet lips lip scrub  and here's the other one :)

this is an intense lip balm that i was advised to keep warm because it's consistency is really solid. this is easier said than done if you live in england and like to keep a lip balm in your handbag as it's usually cold, and i usually want to use it pretty quickly without having to spend time warming it up.

when you do finally get into it, sometimes by luck with the weather, sometimes by scraping some out with the top of my nail (which really isn't ideal and i hate doing it!), it is actually a really good lip balm. it feels like it's really protecting your lips but isn't at all thick or sticky. this combined with the lip scrub should hopefully make winter a lot nicer by helping dodge the dreaded chapped lips!

just one suggestion, lush... why not put lip service in a stick form like any other chapstick so that your lips warm up the lip balm as you are applying? just a thought!


  1. Im still a lush virgin..crazy I know. Heading to Toronto for my birthday and def stopping by Lush for some goodies:)
    Sara xx

  2. i was aswell until recently! have a look at the lip scrub i also reviewed, such a good product! x


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