Thursday, 26 April 2012

new zara bag

today i thought i'd show you all my new bag :) i saw it on another blog (although i can't remember which one... oops!) and decided i had to have it. surprisingly, this was a pretty momentous occasion for me as i've always had a problem with zara. some of my friends are big fans and i always love what they get from there yet everytime i go myself i can't find a single thing i like. absolutely nothing! so i'm pretty excited that i've now broken my zara rut.

i ordered it online and it came in a huge box. it was wrapped in pretty tissue paper and i briefly felt like it was my birthday. the bag is bigger than i had expected but this isn't a problem, it just means it's now a day bag for me as opposed to an evening one. it's also really soft, a lovely colour and the details are rose gold which is a nice change. and it's only £19.99 which is apparently a bargain for zara too! see it online here.


  1. Gorgeous bag! I can see why you had to have it! Nice that it came in a bag all wrapped in tissue paper too. x

  2. thank you! i know, good packaging makes me want to order from the same places again! xx


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