Tuesday, 31 July 2012

wishlist #1

wishlist #1

i've been meaning to do a wishlist for about a month now and have only just gotten round to it! who knows why because i always want something or other, but anyway, here are my current wants/needs/must-have-almost-immediately! so, clockwise from the bottom left:

dressing table - i've recently re-painted my room and am slowly but surely in the process of doing my bi-annual clear out! i no longer need a desk so have decided to replace it with a pretty dressing table instead. some people say it's twee but i'm in love with anything that could be considered shabby chic so something like this would be ideal. originally i wanted mine to be more ornate and cream but actually as my room is completely white and quite small i'm not sure if this is the best idea. any thoughts?! as soon as i make up my mind and get it delivered i'll put up some pictures too!

tan and gold shoes - these are from new look and i think they're pretty perfect for this weird summer/winter weather we're having (although the suede may not appreciate the rain...) i wear my only pair of gold heels constantly so maybe these will shake up my usual footwear selection?!

mac mineralise skinfinish natural powder - i currently use an e.l.f cosmetics powder and although i think it does the job i know it'll be too warm toned for the winter months. plus i'd like to experiment with a higher end pressed powder as i think the increased quality is likely to show when using a product like this.

mac 217 blending brush - i don't have this blending brush and i don't know why. everytime i watch a tutorial on pixiwoo (if you haven't watched any yourself then you really need to check them out, they're amazing!) i want one more and more. it'll be my next 'investment' purchase!

real techniques stippling brush - and talking of pixiwoo, for those of you that don't already know, the real techniques brushes were developed by samantha chapman (a make up artist who makes up half of pixiwoo) and are discussed and praised constantly by beauty bloggers. again, why have i not already invested in one of these?!

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