Monday, 13 August 2012

boots essentials lipsalve: strawberry, tinted and spearmint

i ran out of my favourite nivea essential care lip balm the other day and went to boots to repurchase it. for some reason i got sidetracked by a classic boots deal - 3 for 2 - and so ended up with these instead! overall, i wouldn't say i'm disappointed that i bought them (i can never ever have too many lip balms and at 99p each you can't really complain!) but they definitely don't match up to nivea! i thought i'd do a mini review of each of them anyway, just in case anyone's looking for a cheap lipsalve :)

the strawberry lipsalve comes out clear which generally i like as it means i can put as much as i want on without looking in a mirror and don't need to worry about what i look like. the strawberry scent is really sweet but in a good way - think haribo as opposed to over perfumed. i'd say it moisturises my lips for around an hour which isn't so bad and the pink lid is a nice colour too!

i can't really get on with this tinted lipsalve. it's a really light pink and i'm just not sure who it would suit? it's pretty much scent free which can sometimes be a good thing but even one slick of this lipsalve is too much, especially when your lips are a bit chapped and colour builds in certain areas. a bit of a shame but i'll consider this as my 'free' lipsalve and so i'm not too disappointed!

this is probably my favourite lipsalve of the three. the spearment scent is really yummy and quite unusual i think (at least for me - i don't think i own any mint lip balms). like the strawberry it comes out clear so is easy to use and does the job of protecting my lips pretty well.


  1. Great review. I love lip balms and salves but have never tried these. I will be sure to stay away from the tinted one!

    Helen xxx

  2. thanks helen! yeah definitely do avoid it, not good even for pale skin! xx

  3. Lovely review, I love cheap lip balms that are scented! Agreeing with you though, I'm not keen on the tinted one.
    Elle - xo

    1. Also hey there, new follower here :) x

    2. me too, and i never feel guilty for buying them because they're so cheap even if i do have a drawer full! oops! thanks for following too elle :) xx


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