Tuesday, 26 June 2012

primark tanning mitt

application side
back of the mitt

a while ago i blogged about my favourite fake tan, l'oreal sublime bronze but never got round to showing you my favourite tanning mitt. well here it is! it's my favourite mainly because it's only £2 from primark. personally, i really don't feel the need to splash out on a branded tanning mitt when after one use it's pretty brown and ugly looking anyway! 

the reason i use a tanning mitt is because i find it really helps with smooth application and avoiding streaks as well as protecting your hand from going as bright orange as the back of the tanning mitt too. i've heard of loads of other ways to avoid this problem - sandwich bags being my own desperate preference, an old sock being others' applicator of choice! - but for only £2 and countless uses (this is machine washable) i definitely advise a tanning mitt for those that don't already have one!


  1. What a bargain! Thanks for bringing my attention to this - I would never have thought to look in Primark!



  2. no problem :) i always look in primark, they have everything! xx


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